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Time: September 4, 2014
Place: West end of Royal Avenue, Eugene, Oregon
Weather: Sunny
Note: I was there from 2-4pm. Too brief and not under the best of light condition. This FANTASTIC wetland area is definitely worth of several full-day explorations and photography.
EntranceCirsium vulgareSpear ThistleCattailHairy "Tail"Refreshing WindPelecanus erythrorhynchosAmerican White PelicanSavannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis)Looking back at the EntranceLooking towards the LakeGreat Blue HeronMale Red-veined Darter (Sympetrum fonscolombii)ApproachingJust LandedLimnodromus griseusShort-billed DowitcherMating Blue-eyed Darner (Aeshna multicolor)Alaska Airlines Plane Approaching Eugene AirportMating Common Blue Damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum)