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Time: Oct 05, 2013
Place: Eugene-Oakridge-Waldo Lake, Oregon
Weather: Clear
Note: Early on the Saturday morning, I biked from my apartment to UO, passing by Autzen Stadium and across Willamette River in mist, to meet with Professor Dickman's Forest Biology class field trip team and join them for the day. First time having this kind of field trip, so much of which totally struck me. A day to remember! Many THANKS to professor Dickman for providing the opportunity!!!!!
Sun-Tint MistAutzen Stadium in Morning MistTowards Willamette RiverMisty Willamette (Towards East)Misty Willamette (Towards West)Buford ParkCrystal "Fruits"Ariolimax columbianusOregon White OakQuercus garryanaCobwebs "Developed" by DewsHills Creek LakeAny Termites in There?Pacific Tree FrogPseudacris regillaTaking A SampleStrive for SunlightFlourish in Log Cavity"Forest" in "Canyon"Early October Snow