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Time: Feb. 8, 2013, Saturday
Place: UO Campus and Commons Dr & Nearby, Eugene, Oregon
Weather: Rainy, 1-6℃
Note: After the heavy snow on Thursday and Friday, rain came on Saturday, adding icy texture to the snow cover. All kinds of moss, small flowers, buds and leaves were sealed in ice. Truly amazing!
Fallen RedNandina domesticaIce "Helmets" AIce "Helmets" BBroken Tree Branches"Ice Age"Columbia Hall Behind This TreeIcy Lichen AIcy Lichen BIcy Lichen and BudsAir Coming out of the Flowers?Yellow Daffodil Bent DownHold on!Beautifully Patterned "Roof"Pressure on Branches APressure on Branches BPressure on Branches cBroken ReedsOak LeavesSilver Maple Buds