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Time: July 13, 2013
Place: Bizhou Village, Juxi Town, Liancheng County, Fujian Province
Weather: Super Typhoon Soulik Coming, Overcast ~ Heavy Rain
Note: My shutterbug friend Tom visited Fujian from July 12~July 17. July 13 was originally planned for Zhangjiangkou Mangrove Preserve visit in Yunxiao County in southern Fujian. The super typhoon Soulik, to arrive at Fujian coast before noon, changed everything. From Xiamen city the early morning, we decided to go to my hometown in Liancheng County in west Fujian, instead, away from the coast. It actually bought us some time before Soulik caught our pace around 3PM with pouring rain. By then, we had already been taking photographs around Yonglong Cover Bridge for over an hour. No regret : )
SPECIAL THANKS to Tom for lending me his FANTASTIC Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM lens!!!!!!!!! ^_^
The Bridge's North End StructureThe Bridge Interior View from inside the North End StructureThe Bridge Exterior View from inside the North End StructureOn the Bridge Floor (towards south)On the Bridge Floor (towards southeast)On the Bridge Floor (towards nouth)View through the North Round Window -- Natural Taichi?With BamboosA Panorama with the Cover Bridge, the Heaven Queen Temple and the Wenchang Ge (from left to right)Closer View of the Three Traditional ArchitectureWith the Northern Rice FieldWith the Eastern FieldWith the Southern Rice FieldReflections