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Time: Jan. 4, 2013
Place: Florence, Oregon
Weather: Sunny, 8~-2℃
Note: My classmates invited me to join their trip to the coast, which I had longed to go to! MANY MANY THANKS to them! The weather couldn't be better that day. We enjoyed the walk along the beach, with Jenny & Brice's puppy Cedar, who is ADORABLE!
Siuslaw River BridgeMysterious DunesLarus marinusGreat Black-backed GullUp from WaterRest on the PolesBeach Entrance SignMore Mysterious DunesWay to the Beach 01Way to the Beach 02Looking SouthwardLooking Northward"Frozen" FoamJenny & Brice's Puppy CedarWave Cavity 01Wave Cavity 02SilhouetteEmerita analogaPacific Mole CrabWave upon Wave