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Time: September 22, 2013
Place: McKenzie Headwaters, east of Eugene, Oregon
Weather: Overcast & Rainy, 12~18℃
Note: Aylie, Chris (& her car), Sam, Willemien and I went to the McKenzie river headwaters area (Fish Lake --> Clear Lake --> Sahalie Falls --> Koosah Falls --> Carmen Reservoir) for a group field trip. Real forest, super clean water, charming landscape and nice rain that added to the already-wild wilderness.
Acknowledgement to Prof. Tom Kellie on the identification of Steller's Jay & Acer circinatum, and to Sam on the identification of Witch's Hair!!!
Parking Place before Entering Fish Lake AreaCyanocitta stelleriAutumn SignalsAcer circinatum Growing on LavaWitch's HairThick WoodsSwirl into SkyFish Lake MeadowRed Leaves on the BankHazy MeadowWay DownSee You Next TimeClear LakeDistinctive Colour BandLeaves in Rain & WindRain-Refreshed LeavesSahalie FallsCreamy (With Long Exposure Camera Setting)Expanding VapourHumid