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Time: May 28, 2013
Place: Futang Village, Liancheng County, Fujian Province
Weather: Sunny, 25-31℃, Clear to Stormy at night
Note: It was at first a clear night, with stars twinkling. Then, there were flashes of lightnings. Lit by the lightnings, storm clouds could be noticed, gathering from the southeast of the sky. I placed my camera on a brick wall, to capture the still visible stars with expanding storm clouds underneath. It didn't take long for the clouds to cover up the stars. I was lucky to have these images with stars and storm clouds altogether.
Village StormThunderbolt VisibleStars above The Storm CloudsDifferent Kinds of LightsClouds Waves"Land of Mordor" Afar?An Extraordinary Night ViewFor Contrast--Stars Still VisibleFor Contrast--Stars Finally Blanketed