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Time: September 13, 2014
Place: Tam McArthur Rim, Oregon
Weather: Sunny
Note: Thanks to Environmental Studies Program friends (Aylie, Erica, Lokyee) for asking me to join them! It was a wonderful hike. On the way back, we visited Dee Wright Observatory. I was lucky to capture the Big Dipper with Mt. Washington on the top of the observatory : )
Thanks to Alan and Tobias for their help in plant species identification : )
Three CreekThree Creek LakeMt. BachelorEriogonum pyrolifoliumLupinus bicolorMiniature LupinSilvery RaillardellaRaillardella argenteaCastilleja nanaPolygonum newberryiLittle Three Creek LakePart of the RimShadows Dragged LongThe Three Sisters in SunsetMt. Bachelor in SunsetBig Dipper and Mt. Washington