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Oregon 2013-2015

This video includes clips I took in Oregon during September 2013 ~ July 2015.
The majority of the clips were taken with Canon 700D.
Timelapse clips were taken with Canon Powershot S95.
The music is The Enchantment by Australis (non-commercial use here).

The following is some info about each clips. I didn’t edit this info into the video as subtitles because I thought they could be distracting. If you are interested, please refer to the list below with time labels.

00:10 Gnats
00:16 Palmate Coltsfoot: plants on the riverbank
00:25 Clarkia amoena ssp. lindleyi: pink flowers
00:27 Camas: purple flowers | Bombylius major: beefly
00:33 California poppy: yellow flowers | Bumble bee
00:35 Tiger lily: spotted flower | Macropis nuda: bee
00:37 European wool carder bee
00:41 Evening primrose: yellow flower | Honey bee
00:44 Macropis nuda: bee
00:47 Common blue damselfly
00:51 Fern Ridge Lake
01:00 American white pelican
01:07 Fern Ridge Lake
01:14 McKenzie River
01:16 Mt. Pisgah
01:24 South Eugene High School sports field
01:30 Sahalie Falls
01:34 Cape Perpetua
01:36 Thor’s Well
01:43 Beachside State Park
02:02 Mallard ducks
02:11 Ring-billed gulls
02:20 Amazon Park
02:28 Great blue heron
02:39 American red squirrel
02:47 Downy woodpecker
02:52 Ladybug
02:53 Grasshopper
02:56 Goldenrod crab spider attacking European wool carder bee
03:00 Willamette River sunrise
03:05 Calidris alba
03:09 Vaux’s swifts rushing into a chimney at Agate Hall
03:16 Canada Geese at Willamette Riverfront Field
03:24 Willamette River sunset