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(花蔺 Butomus umbellatus) 星点; Scattered; Dispersés朝天; Upward; Vers le Ciel随风; Go with the Wind; Dancer avec le Vent安眠; Asleep; Dormant待放; To Bloom; A fleurir安逸; Comfort; Comfort金轮; Golden Wheel; Roulette Jaune粉盘; Pink Bowl; Bol de Rose(千屈菜 Lythrum salicaria) 紫原; Purple Mattress; Plaine VioletteA Walkway in Beijing Olympic Forest ParkWinter Leaves in BOFPDifferent FormsSame MatterWalkway above Frozen PondRed Fruits (On The Way out of BOFP)"Crawling" Fungi