Mengjia Lyu(non-registered)
Thank you those are very beautiful! Please keep updating:)
~ HAPPY 30th Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Were several icons for individual photo galleries changed? They look fresh. Very nice!
~ The recent insect macro images taken in Eugene after your University of Oregon Environmental Studies graduation are stellar quality.

After reviewing them again, one wonders if a side career in nature photojournalism might suit your prodigious talents.

Regular viewing of your Zenfolio Gallery, including return visits, shows me how far I have to go in my own photography. You set and maintain such high standards in all that you do.
CHEN Jian(non-registered)
Nice...great organization and great capture...
~ Wow! Love the cool new look of your Zenfolio Gallery. When I logged in yesterday, I wondered if I was on the right page.

The green color is just right. The new organization is easy to navigate. The opening slide show works well.

Such an effective result reflects careful planning and choices. Looks great over here in Beijing!
~ Dear Ultra-Talented Friend Wenhui:

The recently refreshed format of your Zenfolio Gallery makes it much easier to navigate.

It's a model for other sharpshooter friends with Zenfolio Galleries, showing how to make the visitor experience smoother and thus more convenient.

As ever, Fei's superlative macro photography demonstrate what's possible with a single lens and DSLR, when the photographer is as committed to quality and creativity as QIU Wenhui.

Thank you for the updated Zenfolio Gallery format! :)
Dear brother, all the time, in addition to dad, you are the person I admire most.Thank god gives me such a good brother.Support you forever !
HUANG Xin(non-registered)
Great to see your Zenfolio gallery opening, Vanfei!!! :) This is a very big step towards professional photography and I'm sure shutterbugs around the world will enjoy your photos. Your experiences in the desert and in Hong Kong have yielded fascinating photos!

Congratulations on your establishment of Zenfolio!
MU Tong(non-registered)
Tong had never been to a desert before he visited here, while sharpshooters' photos always open doors to un-reached area for Tong.
Those photos here are beyond Amazing !!

Congratulations to the opening of your own photo gallery. It's a huge promotion. :)
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