12/22 Eugene to Coos Bay 10:05--12:20 Amtrak Bus Cloudy
  Mingus Park 12:30--2:30 Walk Light Rain
  Coos Bay to Smith River 2:55--6:30 Coastal Express Bus Overcast
  Smith River to Crescent City 6:35--7:30 Route 20 Bus Overcast
12/23 Battery Point 5:50--6:50 Walk Foggy
  Crescent City to Jedediah 7:15--7:29 Route 199 Bus Foggy
  Jedediah Smith Redwoods 7:30--1:00 Hike Sunny
  Jedediah to Crescent City 1:10--1:25 Route 199 Bus Overcast
  Battery Point 1:50--4:50 Walk Overcast
  Crescent City to Smith River 5:40--6:20 Route 20 Bus Overcast
  Smith River to Brookings 6:30--7:05 Coastal Express Bus Overcast
12/24 Brookings Town 6:30--7:00 Walk Rainy & Windy
  Brookings to Coos Bay 7:20--10:25 Coastal Express Bus Heavy Rain
  Mingus Park 10:40--12:10 Walk Rainy & Windy
  Coos Bay to Eugene 12:35--3:05 Amtrak Bus Overcast